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About Peter

Peter began life in South Wales, close to the final resting place of Merlin who was one of Peter’s first guides. Peter was a very sensitive child and never felt like he fitted in, always feeling different but not knowing why.

It wasn’t until a near death experience in 1999 that Peter was awoken from a deep slumber by spirit, in what he calls his ‘Radical Spiritual Awakening’. At the time he was running a 12th Century Coaching Inn (The George Inn at Bathampton, near the Roman city of Bath in England) which to this day remains the most haunted place Peter has ever experienced and was his home for over two decades.

Overnight, Peter became what he calls super-empathic, could see auras, had heightened intuition, heard voices and became extremely sensitive to energies. These experiences led him through a set of bizarre synchronicities to the Bath First Spiritualist Church, where he was immediately put into a development circle by the Church president Brenda Whitby. Here he felt he had finally come home, that he had found a place where he fitted in and was accepted. Since then he has been fine tuning his abilities for over a decade in both England and Australia.

Peter made Western Australia his permanent home in January 2001, after leaving a successful career in hospitality in the UK, to pursue his new found passion for helping and healing people. Having spent that first year in Australia studying many different Alternative Healing modalities, Peter then went to Notre Dame University in Fremantle in 2002 achieving his Bachelor of Counselling in 2005, going on to help hundreds of clients.

Peter now runs a successful business performing Readings and Intuitively Guided Healings from his beautiful home-based sanctuary in Fremantle. He also demonstrates his Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities publicly at his ‘Kindred Spirits Psychic Nights Shows’.


Figure emerges from the comos
Figure emerges from the comos