Peter Hall is an amazing Psychic.  I am very grateful to have had a reading with him recently in which he shared many details regarding my personal life.  He connected with my deceased dad, describing him so accurately.  Peter also predicted that I would be given a ring in a few weeks time, either passed on from a family member or given as a friendship ring. Two weeks after my reading, my mum gave me my grandmother’s wedding ring totally unexpectedly.  I admire the warmth, compassion and humour that Peter exudes when reading and also his sense of community and giving back.  Thank you Peter for being so genuine and a credit to your profession.
Hi Peter, My first ever reading with you was in June 2013. My friend Jenny King talked me into coming 8 weeks after my father passed. I was blown away as I was the first person of the evening to have a reading. You started off with that there was this man at the back of the room trying to get your attention  over everyone shouting out Allan, which was my dads name. You came towards me and said there was a man standing behind me and it was my dad ,at the time that you said that I had this warmth rise from my waist up like he was cuddling me the message you gave to me from him was so true , stating that dad wanted me to know that he loved me dearly and when alive he couldn’t tell or show me
This is so true of my dad he wasn’t a person to show his feelings, you also stated he had someone little with him that passed with cancer, two days before dad passed our dog was put to sleep. That evening you passed on quite a few messages from my dad in regards to my children which no one else knows but me and him . I treasure that evening with you and I it has helped with the healing process of losing my best friend . Keep up the good work Peter. Karen
My reading was done at the Rockingham psychic fair end of last year.. I had gone there purposely for a reading by a certain psychic but was disappointed that she wasn’t there.. I then saw Peter in the corner who I knew through his Kindred Spirits Psychic Nights Shows. Peters booking sheet was completely full.. again I was disappointed.. I was about to leave when I had the urge to walk around the hall again to see if any of the other psychics gave me a vibe. As I walked passed Peter he had no one sitting down and he looked up and I said are you free.. Fortunately for me his 12pm slot was a no show.. So I had my first reading from Peter Hall. He got me to record the reading on my phone and I listen to it often and can’t believe how accurate he was.
I have had several readings in my time but Peters totally blew me away. He  gave me information about a matter I was really concerned about without me asking one question.. I was impressed by the fact he didn’t asked me details about my life to make the messages fit in any way.. and I didn’t divulge any information whatsoever about myself. All he needed was confirmation that he was right when a message came through.. that was the only feed back I needed to give him.  Somehow I was getting details and information that really impressed me from loved ones that he even correctly named.
I am currently on his waiting list to have another reading this time a longer one at his place in Fremantle and I can’t wait… Yvonne


Just wanted to let you know that even though I know you don’t remember what is said in a reading you give, but, you have been so accurate so far…..I cannot believe most of the things you have told me have come true. Just lately it’s been on a weekly basis. I’m gobsmacked on how accurate you are, I’ve seen a few mediums over the years but never as accurate as you have been,
Anyway, you bought a lot of peace to me after the reading & even though I still have turmoil with my Son, I know that hopefully one day things will get better.
Thanks again Peter, keep up the great work. Michelle


You may remember this Peter.  It was a physic party in Rockingham and I was the last reading.  My husband came through and for confirmation I was told to look at the Odometer in my car maybe over the next few days.  On leaving I checked the numbers as numbers but it meant nothing until I read it as a date.  It read as 10-07-70 the date my husband and I arrived to emigrate to Australia.  I met my husband on the plane, he was seated next to me.  We were together for 41 years.  Had I driven off that night the numbers would have changed and no confirmation.  I Have never forgotten it.  Thanks Peter. Jennifer


I have had a few readings over the years with Peter who I found is the most beautiful soul – he is a kind and welcoming person. Peter not only makes you feel at ease his reading are amazing and have always been spot on for me. I leave after my reading feeling loved content and happy. Thank you Peter you are amazing. Julie


Hi Peter, I had a reading with you in Capel on the 5th of Oct and you said that if my husband wasn’t already having dizzy spells that he soon would and it was related to his blood pressure medication which needs reviewing. Well you were right, last weekend he had a few dizzy spells and his blood pressure is a bit high again so he is off to the doctor next week for his review. You also told me to look out for blue feathers, well I was taking a zip out of an old backpack to reuse it ( which you also said is part of my frugal nature lol ) and a blue feather fell out of the pocket. Spot on again, you have an amazing connect with spirit thank you. Sue


I have always been different. Even from a little girl. So I knew I was amongst friends when I attended Peter’s Kindred Spirits Psychic Nights Show. Generally I am a very shy person so speaking in front of others was huge for me. However I felt perfectly at ease, this is the gift that has been bestowed upon this wonderful messenger the good Lord put in Peter Hall. Not one, or two but three connections from above, these readings made me cry, laugh and left me on a high (a pure and natural one) that is still going two days later. No one could possibly be told off by both parents but yep I accept it, just means they love me. Peter you taught me in just one session that I am truly special and that even beyond the grave I am loved. I have told everyone and will continue to do so, just how wonderful and not to be missed these Shows are. Grazie con tutto il cuore ed l’anima (thank you with all my heart and soul). Rosa


Hi Peter, thank you for the lovely reading on Sunday in Capel. You bought through my father in law who I have never met but after telling my husband what you had told me he said you had correctly described his dad. You were spot on with a couple of medical issues that I currently have as well. You had also suggested I do a creative writing course and I picked up a guide for the Freemantle arts centre yesterday which I normally wouldn’t do because I live in Bunbury but was visiting the Freemantle prison and it caught my eye on the way in so I grabbed one on the way out and it has a one day creative writing course in it. I think I will have to look into that one some more. your fabulous with your readings and I look forward to having another in the future. Even my husband is interested in a reading and he claims to be a none believer lol. thanks again Peter. Sue


I had a reading from Peter a few years ago, having never met him I was unsure as to what to expect. I had moved to Australia from England a couple of years earlier and unfortunately had lost my Aunty 8 months later from MND suddenly and had been unable to return to see her or attend her funeral. On sitting down for the reading Peter straight away said that he had a man in leathers (my uncle had died several years earlier in a motorcycle accident) and a lady holding a rose (because we had been unable to go back we had held our own little service on the beach and sprinkled rose petals for her). He then told me they wanted to let me know “they were made up” he said he had no idea what that meant and the confused look on his face was a picture! When I had finished laughing I told him that they are from Liverpool and they are saying “we’re made up for you” (very pleased!). I had also recently started meditating and he said that I needed to keep this up as I had challenging times ahead and this would help me get through, boy was he right! I’ve had several readings from Peter since and have always found it to be very accurate and fun to boot! Thanks Peter, keep up the hard work xx Lisa


“On a recent visit to WA and after a very busy time at work I was given a healing sound treatment from Peter. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but in Peter’s lovely room and in his amazing energy I knew I could safely let go and let him do what he does best. Using singing bowls, crystal bowls and a drum Peter put my chakras through a workout that would win him a gold medal if chakra cleansing was an Olympic sport. Peter finished the treatment with a highly accurate reading for me, I felt nurtured, guided but above all peaceful.  Wish I could bottle it.”
David Wells [Psychic Medium from UK TV’s Most Haunted]


Never having had a reading before I was blown away by the accuarcy of the information recieved. Peter’s link to another plane is extraodinary and the communication with people who are no longer on this earth was both real and comforting. Peter did all this in a space of securness and did not hold back. It was a joyful experience that I would recommend to anyone. Andrew – Company Secretary


I recently hosted a psychic party with Peter at my home with five of my friends. One of my friends was particularly nervous as it was her first ever reading but was soon put at ease by peters down to earth, easy going , friendly personality with a quirky sense of humour thrown in.
The whole experience was incredible with Peter bringing crystals and tarot cards to entertain my friends whilst waiting their turn for their reading so making it a 4 hour psychic experience that everybody enjoyed.
The reading itself was so much fun and I was blown away by how accurate he was, he covered everything including work, health, finance and love
And if you’re worried you won’t remember everything he says then its no problem as he encourages you to record the reading on your phone – he even knows where the voice memo button is on every single phone in the world which is cool right – Overall the night was a huge success with my friends going home happy and blown away by the whole experience and talked about it for days after! Well worth the wait and can’t wait to do it all again.


I walked into Peter’s serene healing space in Fremantle confused about the next steps in my life. He was so welcoming and explained his unqiue healing process – a mixture of sounds, crystals, reiki and sprays. I felt instantly at ease. For over an hour I reclined on an uber comfortable massage table as Peter conducted the healing session. First he used an African drum that evoked my past life experiences; then a series of healing bowls brought messages to mind regarding what I needed to do; and as I relaxed more with Peter’s reiki, crystals and invigorating sprays I experienced more messages, more colours and eventually more clarity. The experience was wonderful, deeply personal and grounding. Peter’s debrief after also confirmed every message, image and feeling I had during the healing. I felt the healing long after I left. My confusion about which path to take in life is subsiding as Peter’s spiritual “tune up” takes full effect! Thank you Peter. Namaste.


“Receiving a healing from Peter is like slipping into a warm  comfortable place in which you feel utterly safe and secure. The use  of sound is unbelievably powerful and creates a reaction that can be  unexpected and delightful; I saw colours and images that were clear  and really helped me move through my current situation. The whole experience left me in absolute wonder, feeling very different and much  ‘lighter’ than when I first arrived. The debrief at the end of the  healing session is equally powerful as Peter shared with me what had  come through for him. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone.” Leeann


“I just wanted to inform you how accurate you were with me finding the “other
half” of myself, your description of him and events to come.

I met my gorgeous soul mate on my Birthday this year in July and your description of him was so so accurate. We are so exquisitely happy, and I wish to thank you for not only allowing me to look at matters of the heart,
allowing me to grow from someone who had lost faith in love or it finding me to having bliss.”

Thank you so much.

Love & Blessings


I am writing to thank you! I do not know whether you recall my reading I am the “Forgive & Forget” girl as
I walked through your door. You told me in the reading that it was like “I was climbing a mountain & stood almost at the top with my head in the clouds”, and something big was going to happen in May and when it did a red carpet would be rolled out for me! Amazingly I now stand with arms outstretched at the summit & indeed 31st May 2016 something happened, something really, really big! I will never be able to thank you, one, for connection to a dearly loved Mother in spirit, and coming into my life to save my bruised soul from what has been more than a traumatic period in my life.
I truly believe you are responsible for giving me the insight and courage to continue the journey of life.
I will never be able to extend the thanks you deserve “kind soul”. KE

 ***My friend had a reading with him the other week, on the way home, she’s like “there’s a few things he said that made no sense.”.. fast forward 2 days, I get a msg… She was blown away, EVERYTHING he told her, did or will come true, she really was spun out as some messages given to her, no one knew about apart from her!!**Peter Hall is the real deal. I very much suggest you check out his work!